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A Note About Devices...

Using cell phones, cameras, iPads, androids, etc. during the music is both distracting and inconsiderate to your neighbors as well as the musicians performing. Here at the Vanguard, we strive for a device-free zone. It’s about experiencing the music, in the moment, at the club. We challenge you to remain hands-off your devices for the 75 odd (occasionally very odd) minutes of the set.


Give someone special a night at the Vanguard. Available for purchase online from our store.

The Vanguard Store

Visit our online store to purchase Lorraine Gordon's book, A DVD on the early history of the club, Gift Certificates, embroidered caps & t-shirts.

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Alive at the Vanguard
Pix from LGs book

Alive at the Village Vanguard: My Life In and Out of Jazz Time by Lorraine Gordon.

Here's what others are saying:

Lorraine Gordon has not only known everybody in jazz, but just about everybody else as well. This book is a must-read for all who love our city's roar, its music and its history.
-Ahmet Ertegun, Chairman, Atlantic Records.

She's beautiful, hilarious, ornery, out-spoken, sometimes outrageous, honest to a fault, endlessly quotable and simply the living spirit of jazz.
-Bruce Lundvall, Blue Note Records.

She's maintained the integrity of the Vanguard as a room where musicians play. It's a great feat, especially in our time, when integrity is a curse word and selling out a religion in our country. And it will be viewed that way, as a very great achievement not just for jazz but for our times.
-Wynton Marsalis

Lorraine Gordon is why the Village Vanguard is what it is, and why it is.
-Bill Frisell

Deems Taylor Award

The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers has awarded the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award to Lorraine Gordon and Barry Singer in recognition of the excellence of their book, Alive at the Village Vanguard: My Life In and Out of Jazz Time.

Signed copies by Mrs. Gordon available exclusively from our online store or at the club.

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Or if you're in mid-town Manhattan, visit:
Chartwell Booksellers
55 East 52nd Street
New York City 10055
In the arcade of the Park Avenue Plaza Building (btwn Park & Madison)