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May 21 - May 26

Joe Lovano (saxophone)

Marilyn Crispell (piano)

Carmen Castaldi (drums)

The great saxophonist Joe Lovano has appeared on a number of ECM recordings over the last four decades, but Trio Tapestry is his first as a leader for the label. Lovano and pianist Marilyn Crispell are in accord at an advanced level inside its structures. ‘Marilyn has such a beautiful sound and touch and vocabulary,’ Joe enthuses. Drummer Carmen Castaldi also responds to the trio environment with sensitivity, subtly embellishing and detailing the pieces. 'We play together like an orchestra, creating an amazing tapestry. I brought in the material, but there’s an equal weight of contribution, creating music within the music, and harmonizing it in a really special way.’  A wonderful new group and music of flowing lyricism, delicate texture, and inspired interplay.