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Below is the Solo debut of Ben Monder at the Vanguard. Your pay-per-view purchase grants you 3 hour access from the time of purchase (scroll down for further instructions).



If your player is buffering, or freezing, please refresh your browser.

The player auto-detects video quality based on your internet connection. You may adjust as you wish, 1080p HD is the highest resolution available.

If the player does not load (you only see a black box), refresh the page or try a different browser. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are recommended. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended. Please also check your preferences and make sure to “allow cookies”.

When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a receipt from InPlayer. If your receipt only shows a “content ID”, and not the name of the show you purchased, that’s okay, it is a small bug in the point-of-sale.

A note about viewing and listening experience:

We strongly recommend using headphones or an analog connection to speakers for the best audio experience. Bluetooth connected speakers are NOT recommended – the video and audio will likely not be in-sync. If you choose to use a Bluetooth connection for audio and you experience latency, please be aware that this is a result of the Bluetooth connection, not the live-stream.

Please send any questions to [email protected]

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