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Below is pre-sale for Friday, July 3rd live-stream at 7pm EDT. Stream starts at 6:45pm EDT, showtime at 7pm EDT!

(scroll down for further instructions).



If your player is buffering, or freezing, please refresh your browser.

The player features a 30 minute rewind. This allows you to rewind the show up to 30 minutes – and then fast-forward to catch up to the “live” stream.

If the player does not load (you only see a black box), refresh the page or try a different browser. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are recommended. Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.

When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a receipt from InPlayer. If your receipt only shows a “content ID”, and not the name of the show you purchased, that’s okay, it is a small bug in the point-of-sale.

Pay-Per-View (PPV):

All of our shows are available for PPV. You can just show up to this page on the day of the show. Keep in mind, you’ll need a few minutes to register and complete your payment. The live-stream “doors” open 15 mins before showtime.


On the day of the show, return to this page. At showtime, log in to the player with the information you used to register. Once you’re logged in, the live-stream will be accessible. The live-stream “doors” open 15 mins before showtime.

A note about viewing and listening experience:

We strongly recommend using headphones or an analog connection to speakers for the best audio experience. Bluetooth connected speakers are NOT recommended – the video and audio will likely not be in-sync. If you choose to use a Bluetooth connection for audio and you experience latency, please be aware that this is a result of the Bluetooth connection, not the live-stream.

Please send any questions to [email protected]

Thank you for your support.