We do not serve food. We haven't served food here in 35 years. So if someone offers you a hamburger, check the expiration date. 

In accordance with New York State law, there is no smoking allowed in the club.  

The minimum age to attend is 13.

A student discount is offered for the second set Sunday-Thursday at the discretion of the club. The student price is $30 with a valid student ID. Call to confirm availability. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Vanguard is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

During performances, QUIET IS ENFORCED. We're a jazz club, not a chat room. 

Using cell phones, cameras, iPads, androids, etc. during the music is both distracting and inconsiderate to your neighbors as well as the musicians performing. Here at the Vanguard, we strive for a device-free zone. It’s about experiencing the music, in the moment, at the club.

We challenge you to remain hands-off your devices for the 75 odd (occasionally very odd) minutes of the set.

NO PHOTOGRAPHY is permitted during performances. 
NO VIDEO RECORDING is permitted during performances. 
NO AUDIO RECORDING is permitted during performances. 
NO CELL PHONE USE of any kind.


We appreciate your cooperation.