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Jason Moran and the bandwagon in the vanguard

John Rogers


and the Bandwagon

November 27 ‑ November 28

Jason Moran – Piano

Tarus Mateen – Bass

Nasheet Waits – Drums

He radiates such facility and generosity from behind that piano. With his eloquence flooding our ears, we were suddenly invited to listen for a private friction in his brain...We’ll never be able to hear those firing synapses, only the decisions that they create. That’s fine. That’s music. Instead of settling into the center of his expanding soundworld, Moran decides to keep moving. We can learn something about who he is by where he decides to go, how he decides to get there, and what he decides to do once he arrives
— The Washington Post

Marcus Gilmore

Marcus Gilmore


Marcus Gilmore - Drums

Whether holding down the drum chair with jazz icon Chick Corea or gigging with one of the dozens of musicians who’ve employed him live and in the studio—beginning with 2005’s Reimagining by famed pianist Vijay Iyer—Gilmore embellishes everything he plays with his unique style. When focusing on Gilmore, no one rhythm is central, but all rhythms are essential, multi-directionally permeating his drums and cymbals like a wave built on spiraling, forward-motion groove-tentacles.
— Modern Drummer