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Ravi Coltrane Quartet

Live Streaming at the Vanguard

October 23 ‑ October 24

Ravi Coltrane – Saxophones

David Virelles – Piano

Dezron Douglas – Bass

Johnathan Blake – Drums

He bears the name of jazz royalty, and he's spent many hours curating, archiving and producing his parents' recordings. But when he picks up his own saxophones, Ravi Coltrane blows an original and distinctly modern strain of jazz, distilling but never seeking to imitate his family's adventurous improvising spirits. Now one of today's top saxophonists

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Monday Jazz Room

Keep ‘Live Streaming at the Vanguard’ ALIVE!

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Marcus Gilmore

Live Streaming at the Vanguard

October 27 -


Marcus Gilmore - Drums & Electronics

Whether holding down the drum chair with jazz icon Chick Corea or gigging with one of the dozens of musicians who’ve employed him live and in the studio—beginning with 2005’s Reimagining by famed pianist Vijay Iyer—Gilmore embellishes everything he plays with his unique style. When focusing on Gilmore, no one rhythm is central, but all rhythms are essential, multi-directionally permeating his drums and cymbals like a wave built on spiraling, forward-motion groove-tentacles.
— Modern Drummer